15208A Digital Output Dc Accelerometer

15208A Digital Output Dc Accelerometer



All channels are sampled simultaneously to avoid data skewing.  The digital signal processor takes 16-bit samples, filters, ranges, and calibration compensates at up to 42,500 samples/sec/channel. Digital data can be streamed out at up to 3 Mbit/sec.  The output range, filter frequency and calibration of each channel, as well as telemetry configuration, can be set by the user via the RS-485 command processor. CRC-8 and CRC-16 error checking is used to ensure command and data integrity.


  • User configurable settings
  • RS-485 serial and analog outputs
  • High accuracy
  • Built-in calibration
  • Self-test mode
  • Small size
  • Built in power supply regulation
  • Easy installation