832M1 Triaxial Board Mount Accelerometer

832M1 Triaxial Board Mount Accelerometer



Featuring stable piezo-ceramic crystals, the accelerometer incorporates full power and signal conditioning with a maximum current consumption of 22 micro-amps.  The model 832M1 is available in ±25g to ±500g ranges and provides a flat frequency response up to greater than 6kHz. The standard model 832 offers the same envelope with a lower maximum current consumption of 4 micro-amps.


  • Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer 
  • <22µA Current Consumption 
  • Wide Bandwidth to 6kHz 
  • Circuit Board Mountable
  • ±25g to ±500g Dynamic Range
  • Low Cost Triaxial
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Piezo-ceramic Crystals
  • -40° to +125°C Operating Range
  • Single Axis Configurations Available