Force Sensor - ELHM Series

Force Sensor - ELHM Series

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The ELHM load cell is a compact package able to fit into many applications where others cannot. The low noise Wheatstone bridge consists of metal foil strain gages which provide typically 2 mV/V of full scale output. When compact design and superior stability are required, the ELHM load cell is the sensor for your application. The ELHM is provided with either SAE or metric threads for tension and compression applications. Care should be exercised to isolate your ELHM from off-axis loads. The ELHM is a Poisson column design providing low full scale input deflection and superior stability for longer term measurements. Designed specifically to provide high zero stability, the ELHM is rated for a cycle life expectancy of typically 1x106 0-FS cycles of zero to full rated load. The ELHM can be configured with a variety of different options to fine tune the instrument to your application: select from several standard compensated temperature ranges, input voltages, lead lengths or specify entirely unique combinations of these options.


• Ranges: from 500 to 10,000 lbf 
• Ultra compact button or threaded stud design 
• Millivolt output: 2 mV/V nominal 
• High stability 
• Compression or tension/compression 
• Low mass compression style or tension compression with studs 
• Low noise 
• High reliability