Force Sensor - FN2317

Force Sensor - FN2317

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The FN2317 is designed with the express purpose of allowing quick and easy installation when measuring forces applied to the handle of the hand brake in automobiles. Through careful placement of metallic strain gauges inside the sensors, accurate measurements are obtained regardless of the point of application of force. Clamping collars facilitate the prompt and uncomplicated installation of the load cell under the hand brake. As such, the FN 2317 is compatible with most models of hand brakes. Measurement Specialties, Inc. have many years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of sensing solutions to the automotive industry and can supply standard or custom sensors for specific uses and testing environments. Other designs (e.g. FN2317-3 with a connector output) have been created. Consult your MEAS’ representative for any information or a custom solution to your application.


  • Tension measurements
  • High accuracy ≤±0.5% F.S.
  • Compact, rugged and easy to mount design
  • Optional high level output