Force Sensor - FN3042

Force Sensor - FN3042

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The FN3042 is highly suited for use in test benches and fatigue tests. Due to the mechanical design, the FN3042 is especially durable. It measures tension and compression in standard ranges from 0-1 klbf to 0-100 klbf and is able to undergo more than 1000000 cycles of full scale with very little change in zero offset stability. With many years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of sensors, Measurement-Specialties often works with customers to design or customize sensors for specific uses and testing environments. To meet your needs we also offer complete turnkey systems. The matched components (sensor, power, amplifier and digital display) are formatted, calibrated and ready for immediate use.


  • Full Scale Range : from 0-5 kN to 0-500 kN [0-1 klbf to 0-100 klbf]
  • Tension and Compression
  • Accuracy: 0.25% F.S.
  • Skydrol Compatible on Request
  • High Level Output Model with Integrated Amplifier