Force Sensor - FN7080

Force Sensor - FN7080

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The FN7080 is installed in place of the original gear knob on the gear stick of a vehicle and will measure the force required to change gear. Force is measured either in two or three directions. An adapter coupled with an interface collar allows a simple and rapid fitting of the FN7080 to the majority of vehicles. The sensor’s geometry and size mean that it is as ergonomic as the original gear knob. The ease of mounting enables the FN7080 to be used on a vehicle or on a test bench. An optional version provides direct high level output and makes the FN7080 a favorite among European car builders. Measurement Specialties, Inc. have many years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of sensing solutions to the automotive industry and can supply standard or custom sensors for specific uses and testing environments. Consult Measurement Specialties, Inc. Engineering Department for a custom solution to your application.


  • 2and 3 axes measurements
  • Fits most gear sticks
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Optional high level output
  • Exists in many optional designs