Inclinometer Data Reduction Software

Inclinometer Data Reduction Software



SiteMaster software is a powerful inclinometer processing and presentation program. It can process and present all inclinometers within a project, and can also include plan view displacement graphs related to any excavation history. SiteMaster works with any inclinometer system which produces a text data file. Data are stored systematically in an easy to modify folder, with corresponding displacement graphs organized in a simple and efficient manner. SiteMaster also features a reporting tool allowing reports to be quickly generated and exported in PDF or MS Word format.

SiteMaster Plus allows DXF drawings to be imported for use with Site Plans and interactive time graphs. In addition, SiteMaster Plus is provided on a USB Key, which allows the use of the software on any compatible PC. Please note: the USB Key must be plugged into the PC to operate the software.


Operating Systems
Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP Professional
Memory Requirements 512 MB or more (minimum). More RAM will improve application performance.         
Hard Disk Requirements                          60 MB (minimum)