optoNCDT 2300LL

optoNCDT 2300LL



Laser sensors of the series optoNCDT 2300LL use a very small laser line instead of the common laser spots. Due to this laser line, the optoNCDT 2300LL is also very well suited for precise distance and displacement measurement on glossy, porous or rough surfaces. Due to the high measurement rate of up to 49kHz it is possible to reliably apply the sensor in fast processes.


  • Measuring ranges (mm): 2 | 10 | 20 | 50
  • Linearity max 0.6µm
  • Resolution max. 0.03µm
  • Adjustable measuring rate up to 49.02 kHz
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422, analog via C-Box / CSP2008
  • Special optics for small laser line
  • Precise measurements on metallic and rough surfaces
  • Advanced Real-Time-Surface-Compensation (A-RTSC)
  • Integrated controller