Piezoelectric Accelerometer - A/20

Piezoelectric Accelerometer - A/20



General purpose vibration transducers with the following attributes : KONIC sensing element providing 25-40pC/g signal from 12.5 / 27gm wt. transducer.
All welded construction including signal connections maximises longevity under adverse operating conditions.


  • Ultra Lightweight Design
  • KONIC Shear Sensing Element.
  • High Operating Temperature of up to 250°C Standard
  • 25 - 40 pC/g Sensitivity


  • Close tolerance output
  • -71°C low temperature capability with ±10% sensitivity deviation
  • Hermetic TNC connector: ref. A/20/TC
  • Corrosion resistant case materials
  • Non-magnetic, A/20/TC/N:17gm
  • Wide temperature calibration -50/+250°C
  • For use with the VT1, VT2 hand-held vibration meters, a 25pC/g ±5% version is available