Piezoelectric Triaxial Charge Output Accelerometer - A/30

Piezoelectric Triaxial Charge Output Accelerometer - A/30



General purpose triaxial vibration transducer comprising three KONIC all welded inserts bonded orthogonally into a hard anodised aluminium housing.
The inserts are electrically insulated, individually and from the housing, thus eliminating ground loop interference.
The additional mechanical isolation implicit in the construction provides near elimination of strain induced error.


  • Mounting via cut through holes, see datasheet for available options.
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • High Sensitivity KONIC Shear Sensing Element.
  • Operating Temperature of up to 220°C.
  • Electrically Insulated individual inserts, eliminating ground loop interference.
  • 25 pC/g nom./axis Sensitivity.
  • Microdot Connector - 10/32 UNF