PT9301 Harsh-environment series

PT9301 Harsh-environment series



The PT9301 is a combination position and velocity transducer for demanding long-range applications requiring a linear position measurements in ranges up to 1700”.

A precision plastic-hybrid potentiometer provides accurate position feedback while a self- generating DC tachometer provides a velocity signal that is proportional to the speed of the traveling stainless-steel measuring cable. As a member of Celesco’s innovative family of NEMA-4 rated cable-extension transducers, the PT9301 offers numerous benefits.  It installs in minutes, functions properly without perfectly parallel alignment, and when its cable is retracted, it measures only 6”.


  • Linear Position/Velocity to 550 inches (1400 cm) 
  • Rugged Powder-Painted Aluminum Enclosure 
  • VLS Option to Prevent Free-Release Damage 
  • IP68
  • NEMA 6 Protection  


Product Type Features

  • Product Type  PT9, Harsh-Environment Series

Signal Characteristics

  • Output Signal  Velocity (Tachometer) + Position (Potentiometer)

Body Features

  • Housing Material  Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature (Deg F) -40 – 93 °C [ -40 – 200 °F ]


  • Resolution (mm) Continuous Analog

Industry Standards

  • IP Rating  IP67, IP68
  • Hazardous Area Approvals  No


  • Full Stroke Ranges 1905 – 13970 mm [ 75 – 550 in ]
  • Accuracy (% of FS) .1
  • Repeatability (% of FS) .02
  • Encoder Drive  No
  • Measuring Cable  All Plastic, Bare Stainless Steel, Nylon-Coated Stainless Steel