Strain Gages (Fiber Optic)

Strain Gages (Fiber Optic)



The Model FP4000 Fiber Optic Strain Gages are designed for use in environments where it may be difficult to use conventional types of strain gagesbecause of space considerations, high levels of electrical interference or where intrinsic safety is an issue. Measurements of dynamic events are also possible with these gages and the requisite dataloggers. The strain gages have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and can be used to measure both mechanical and thermo-mechanical strains in a variety of different materials.


Standard Ranges FP4000-1.0 | −1000 to +1000 µε
FP4000-2.5 | −2500 to +2500 µε
FP4000-5.0 | −5000 to +5000 µε
Resolution                                                       FP4000-1.0 | 0.15 µε
FP4000-2.5 | 0.30 µε
FP4000-5.0 | 0.50 µε                                                              
Gage Factor Accuracy¹ FP4000-1.0 | ±3% F.S.
FP4000-2.5 | ±3% F.S.
FP4000-5.0 | ±10% F.S.
Temperature Sensitivity  0.85 to 1.22 µε/°C
Strain Sensitivity transverse strain insensitive
Operating Range
−40°C to +80°C
L × W × H 100 × 25 × 1 mm