thermoIMAGER TIM 160

thermoIMAGER TIM 160

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The thermal imager in the TIM 160 series are designed for precise measurement task due to their high thermal sensitivity. Furthermore, the system is distinguished by its high image frequency of 120 Hz. Powered from just one USB cable, the system is genuine plug-and-play solution.


  • Measuring ranges: -20 to 100°C / 0 to 250°C / 150 to 900°C / optionally up to 1500°C
  • Optical resolution 160x120 Pixels
  • Spectral range 7.6 to 13µm
  • Excellent thermal sensitivity of 0.08K (NETD)
  • Exchangeable lenses with 6°/23°/48°FOV or 72°FOV
  • Real-time thermography with 120Hz frame rate
  • Power supply and operation via USB
  • Extremely lightweight, robust and compact design
  • Analog input and output, trigger interface
  • Optional: Cooling jacket for ambient temperatures up to 240°C
  • Line camara mode