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The thermoIMAGER TIM M1 thermal imaging camera is designed for non-contact temperature measurement of hot metals in the 450°C to 1800°C range. As well as the well-known advantages of thermoIMAGER infrared cameras such as their compact size, USB interface and license-free software, the new TIM M1 series offers several unique selling points. Compared to other thermal imaging cameras for metals, the temperature measuring range of 450°C to 1800°C is usable entirely and without sub-ranges. There is no need for any measuring range switchovers and the camera is significantly more flexible in its use.

The powerful sensor electronics not only enable process thermography but also the output of temperature data of the center pixel at 1kHz and so can also be used as a pyrometer. The TIM M1 thermal imaging camera is primarily used for temperature monitoring of hardening and forming processes for hot metals but also for processing graphite and ceramics.


  • Measuring ranges: 450 to 1800°C / 500 to 1800°C / 600 to 1800°C
  • Optical resolution: 764 x 480 pixels
  • Spectral range: 0.92 – 1.1µm
  • Lenses: 51°x39° / 26°x20° / 20°x15° / 13°x10°/ 6.2°x4.7°/ 4.0°x3.0°
  • Image frequency: 32Hz / 80Hz or 27Hz / 1kHz
  • Supply and operation via USB
  • Extremely lightweight, robust and compact
  • Analog input and output, process interface
  • Robust design (protection class IP67), optional cooling jacket