TO-5 Iepe Accelerometer

TO-5 Iepe Accelerometer



It is available in ±50g and ±500g dynamic ranges and offers a flat frequency response to 15kHz. The accelerometer features a hermetic construction in a TO-5 header configuration. The model 805 incorporates a stable piezo-ceramic crystal and an integrated charge converter amplifier in a 100% shielded housing suitable for many embedded OEM applications.

The accelerometer is offered in two configurations; one for adhesive mounting and one for stud mounting.


  • TO-5 Series Accelerometer 
  • 2-Wire IEPE Interface 
  • Low-Cost, Embedded Applications 
  • Wide Bandwidth to 15kHz 
  • ±50g and ±500g Range
  • Wide bandwidth up to 15kHz
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • -40°C to +100°C Operating Range
  • Case Grounded Design