Triaxial Water Cooled Piezo-Tronic IEPE Accelerometer - A/133/V

Triaxial Water Cooled Piezo-Tronic IEPE Accelerometer - A/133/V



DJB Introduces the unique A/133 IEPE Voltage Triaxial accelerometer which permits usage on surfaces up to 900oC. Ideally suited for Vibration Measurements on exhaust pipes or engine turbos. Single axis versions can also be supplied on request.
To maintain a low internal temperature a water flow is critical, water flow is provided via two titanium pipes and it’s recommended that the flow rate of the cooling is maintained permanently when in use at high temperature, use at the extremes of the operating temperature range may require the supply of a chilled water. Failure to do so could lead to injury and damage to the unit.


  • 1 x 5.5mm cut through hole for mounting.
  • Lightweight Titanium Design
  • KONIC Shear Sensing Element.
  • Operating Temperature on surfaces of up to 900°C with water cooling.
  • Temperature range without water flow - -50°C to +125°C - standard
  • Connector - Microdot socket 10/32UNF
  • 10mV/g or 100mV/g Sensitivity (±10%).