Battery Powered Digital Pressure Sensor With Display | Baroli 02

Accurate, Robust and Rotatable, for Easy Digital On-Site Pressure Monitoring


The Baroli 02 is a digital pressure sensor with display and provides a local 4.5-digit LC readout of the measured pressure in your preferred engineering units – mbar, psi, InHg, cmHg, mmHg, hPa, kPa, MPa, mH20, InH20.

Ideal areas of us include plant and machine engineering, pneumatics / hydraulics, measurement technology, calibration and test purposes, laboratory techniques and environmental engineering (water, sewage, recycling).

The display housing is rotatable making it easy to read the display when mounting conditions are awkward.  The Baroli-02 digital pressure sensor can be operated by the 3 buttons on the front of the display which also enables the user to set the end point of the calibration, the position of the decimal point and the offset.

It is battery powered by a 3.6V lithium battery and features an automatic switch off for battery power saving.

The entire digital pressure sensor with display assembly is IP65 rated for industrial environments with various mechanical process connections to suit your application.  Mechanical process options include a G½” EN 837, G¼ EN 837, ½” NPT and ¼” NPT connections.


  • Ranges: 0-100mbar up to 0-600bar
  • Gauge, Sealed Gauge & Absolute
  • 3.6V Lithium Battery
  • 2-Line LC Display
  • 4.5-Digit 7-Segment Display
  • 6-Digit 14-Segment Additional Display
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Accuracy: ≥ 0.4 bar : ≤±0.125% FSO BFSL, < 0.4 bar : ≤±0.25% FSO BFSL
  • Ideal for Local On-Site Monitoring
  • Rotatable Display Housing for Easy Reading in Difficult Mounting Conditions
  • Dust Tight and Water Jet Protected for Industrial Environments
  • User Configurable Functions Include Offset and End Point Calibration
  • Easy Operation by the 3 Front Buttons.

Product Dimensions

With Standard G1/2″ Mechanical Connection (mm)

Baroli-02 Battery Powered Digital Pressure Sensor Outline

For alternative connections please see datasheet.

For nominal pressure PN>60 bar increases the length of devices by 9mm.


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