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Applied Measurements WP industrial weighing platform has been designed specifically for use in industrial environments and features high integrity IP67 stainless steel shear beam load cells, which offer superb accuracy.  The weighing platform has an overall environmental protection rating of IP66.

Capacities from 0-150kg to 0-3000kg are available as standard in a number of platform sizes.  Higher capacity or custom-size versions can be designed to order if a standard model is not suitable.


  • Capacities: 0-150kg up to 0-3000kg
  • Output: 2mV/V nominal
  • Environmental Protection: IP66
  • High Accuracy: <±0.1%/RC
  • Powder-Coated Mild Steel
  • Rubber Feet
  • Low Height & Compact – Easily fits where space is limited
  • Contain Dust Tight, Immersion Protected Shear Beam Load Cells
  • Ideal for Harsh Industrial Environments
  • Customisation Available – To suit your specific application

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity (RC) kgf 0-150, 0-3000
Operating Modes Compression Only
Sensitivity (RO) mV/V 2.0 nominal
Accuracy ±%/Rated Output <0.1
Temperature Effect on Zero ±%/Rated Output/ ˚C <0.003
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity ±%/Applied Load/ ˚C <0.015
Bridge Resistance Ohms 85 nominal
Excitation Voltage Volts AC or DC 2 to 15 (10 recommended)
Operating Temperature Range ˚C -10 to +60
Compensated Temperature Range ˚C 0 to +50
Storage Temperature Range ˚C -10 to +60
Safe Overload % of Rated Capacity 150
Ultimate Overload % of Rated Capacity 300
IP Rating (Environmental Protection) IP66
Cable Length (as standard) metres 5
Cable Type 4-core screened
Construction Material Powder-Coated Mild Steel


Product Dimension

Standard Weighing Platform Sizes Capacity Options x Resolution
600mm x 600mm
150kg x 0.05kg increments
300kg x 0.1kg increments
600kg x 0.2kg increments
1500kg x 0.5kg increments
3000kg x 1kg increments
800mm x 800mm
1000mm x 1000mm
1000mm x 1250mm
1250mm x 1250mm
1500mm x 1250mm
1500mm x 1500mm
1800mm x 1250mm
1800mm x 1800mm
2100mm x 1500mm



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