RK200-02 Quantum PAR Sensor , Photosynthetic Active Radiation Sensor

Model: RK200-02
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Certification: CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, ISO9001



The RK200-02 PAR Sensor is mainly used for measuring solar radiation within 400~700nm wavelength. It is easy installation and can work continuously in all weathers. When there is sunlight, voltage output proportional to incident light intensity will be generated by the silicon-photo detector in the sensor. Its sensitivity is proportional to the cosine of incident light direct angle. Each product is with one sensitivity coefficient respectively. It can directly output radiation value in unit of μ*mol/m2*s.

PAR sensor, short for photosynthetic active radiation sensor, is a remarkable device that enables scientists and researchers to precisely measure the amount of light energy available for photosynthesis in plants. This cutting-edge technology harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics to detect and quantify photons within a specific wavelength range crucial for plant growth. The PAR sensor consists of an array of highly sensitive detectors capable of accurately capturing even the faintest light signals emitted by various sources, such as sunlight or artificial illuminants. Equipped with advanced optics, this instrument ensures minimal interference from external factors while efficiently converting incoming photons into electrical signals. Through its meticulous measurements, the PAR sensor provides invaluable insights into the physiological responses and productivity levels of plants across different environments and conditions. By analyzing this data, scientists can optimize cultivation practices, improve crop yields, and deepen our understanding of how light influences plant development at a molecular level.


  • Conform to the WMO standard.
  • Suitable for harsh environment.
  • Easy installation.
  • Visual desiccant Window.
  • Low power Consumption.
  • High sensitivity.


Item Specification
Spectral range 0-2500μ*mol/m2*s 400-700nm
0-2000W/m2 350-1100nm
Supply 5V,12-24VDC
Accuracy ±5% rdg
Range 0-2500μ*mol/m2,0-2000W/m2
Output 0-2000mV 4-20mA(2-wires) RS485
Sensitivity 0-2500μ*mol/m2*s 0.8mV/μmol*m-2* S-1 6.4μA/μ*mol*m2*s /
0-2000W/m2 1mV/W/m2 8uA/W/m2 /
Response time <1s (99%)
Temperature effect <0.05%/℃
Cosine correction <10% (until 80°)
Non-linearity <±2%
Operating temperature -40℃-+80℃°
Shell material Aluminum alloy
Storage Condition 10℃-60℃@20%-90%RH

Output Characteristics

● 0-2000mV

Range:0-2000W  PAR values(W)= Voltage output value(μV)/1000

Range:0-2500μ*mol/m2*s  PAR values(μ*mol/m2*s)= Voltage output value(μV)/800

● 4-20 mA

Range:0-2000W  PAR values(W)=(I(μA)-4000μA)/8 (Where I is output current value,unit:μA )

Range:0-2500μ*mol/m2*s  PAR values(μ*mol/m2*s)= (I(μA)-4000μA)/6.4(Where I is output current value,unit:μA )

● RS485




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