Hexagonal Drive Rotary Torque Sensor | DRFS

Accurate, Maintenance Free and Ideal for Pulsed Tools


The DRFS non-contact hexagonal drive rotary torque sensor manufactured by ETH Messtechnik in Germany provide accurate torque measurement in continuously rotating applications at speeds up to 10,000rpm.  Its hexagonal drive makes it ideal for automobile manufacturing, test bench and assembly applications and is suitable for pulsed tools and electric screwdrivers.

The non-contact torque sensor features integral signal conditioning giving a ±5Vdc analogue signal.

It has a high interference rejection thanks to its amplified active signal.

The DRFL can be supplied with customised couplings to ensure that you achieve the best possible torque measurement whilst making the task of installation and use as straightforward as possible.


  • Capacities: 0-1Nm up to 0-20Nm
  • 0 to ±5Vdc Output
  • Non-Linearity: <±0.15%/Rated Capacity
  • Max Speed: 10,000 rpm (depending on capacity)
  • Maintenance Free Thanks to its Non-Contact Technology
  • High Accuracy to less than ±0.15% of Rated Capacity
  • Hexagonal Drive for Electric Screwdrivers
  • Fast and Simple To Use
  • Compact with Integrated Signal Amplifier for Limited Space 
  • Approved UK Distributor of ETH Torque Transducers

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