Precision Screw-In Pressure Sensor | High Accuracy | LMP331i

Precise pressure or level measurement with digital signal processing


The LMP331i high precision screw-in pressure sensor boasts high accuracy measurements of 0.1% full-scale thanks to its 16-bit digital analogue converter signal processing.  Its output signal is pressure and temperature compensated before it is amplified to the desired output signal range.

Furthermore, its integral digital amplifier means the analogue output can be re-scaled with a turndown ratio of 1:10, while still maintaining its high precision.

Thanks to the high accuracy of the LMP331i high precision screw-in pressure sensor, it is ideal to use in laboratory applications, chemical & petrochemical industries and environmental engineering applications such as water, sewage and recycling, all requiring the highest level of accuracy.

IS-versions and Ex ia intrinsically safe for gases and dust versions are available on request for more hazardous environments, please contact our technical team.


  • Ranges: 0-400mbar up to 0-40bar
  • Outputs: 2 wire 4-20mA, 3 wire 0-10V
  • Accuracy: <±0.1%/FSO
  • Thermal Error from -20 to +80°C: <±0.2%/FSO
  • Turn-Down 1:10 (adjustable, requires optional interface & software)
  • High Precision & High Accuracy Measurements 0.1 % Full-Scale Output
  • Digital Signal Processing with 16-bit analogue digital converter
  • Optional Communication Interface for Adjusting of Turn-Down, Offset, Span and Damping
  • Optional Intrinsically Safe and Ex ia Versions

Product Dimensions

LMP331i precision screw-in pressure sensor

All dimensions are in mm

Electrical Connections

LMP331i Precision Screw-In Pressure Sensor Outline - Electrical Connections

8 Different cable types and lengths available, the permissible temperature depends on kind of cable
9 Standard: 2 m PVC cable (without ventilation tube, permissible temperature: -5 … 70 °C)

All dimensions are in mm


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