RK100-05 HVAC Pipe Wind Speed Sensor

Certification:CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, ISO9001


RK100-05 Pipe Wind Speed Sensor is designed on the basis of the principle of hot-wire, the probe and housing adopt resistance to high temperature and anti-corrosion materials . In the bad environment, it also can work stablely and reliably.It can quickly and accurately tiny air flow measurement. The product has realized high precision and high resolution through internal linear compensation and temperature calibration, and long term stability is extremely good, which should be installed directly.


Item Specification
Output 4-20mA,0-10V,RS485,0-5V
Supply 12-24VDC
Range 0-5m/s,0-10m/s,0-20m/s,0-30m/s
Response time <1s
Accuracy(0-50℃) ±0.2%FS
Resolution <0.05m/s
Power consumption  



Long-term stability ±0.1m/s per year
Display optional
Ingress Protection IP55
Operating Temperature -20℃-+70℃
Main material ABS
Probe length 210mm typ., Other length can be customized
Storage condition 10℃-50℃@20%-90%RH

Dimension & Mounting


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