RK300-01 Wall-mounted Barometric Air Pressure Sensor

Model: RK300-01
OEM/ODM: Available


RK300-01 Wall-mounted Barometric Pressure Sensor with small size, reliable performance, high precision, long transmission distance, strong anti-jamming capability,which is widely used in meteorology, marine, environment, airports, ports, laboratory, agricultural and transportation and other fields.


  • High sensitivity.
  • LCD display optional.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Fast response.
  • Multiple signal output options.
  • Excellent stability.


Item Technical Specification
Range 600-1100hPa(mbar)
Resolution 0.1hPa
Accuracy ±0.5hPa
Temperature Drift ≤0.02%FS/℃
Response Time <1s
Supply 5VDC, 12-24VDC
Output Signal RS485, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V optional
Operating Temperature -40℃-+75℃
Ingress Protection IP65
Storage 10-60℃@20%-90%RH
Dimensions 117 *86*40 mm
Weight(unpacked) 100g

Dimension & Mounting

1. Install the product in stable environment area, avoid direct sunlight, away from windows air-conditioning, heating and other equipment. Otherwise it will cause atmospheric pressure measurement inaccuracies.

2. It is recommended to install in the cabinet open to the atmosphere,for example: instrument shelter

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