RK400-01 Metal Tipping Bucket Rainfall Sensor Rain Gauge


The RK400-01 Tipping Bucket Rainfall Sensor is an instrument for testing rainfall in the nature. In order to meet the requirement of information transmission, processing, recording and display, the amount of rainfall is converted to pulse output. It can be widely used in weather stations, hydrometric stations, agriculture & forestry, defense & field monitoring stations. It can provide the original data for flood-prevention, water-supply system, and reservoir water management in plant.


  • Compact size for easy use.
  • Auto-heating function.
  • Excellent stability.
  • High accuracy.
  • Stainless steel Construction.
  • Outlet with insect-proof.


Item Specification
Rainfall collector Diameter :φ200mm, height: 350mm
Measured rainfall intensity Max: 4mm/min
Allow rainfall intensity Max: 10mm/min
Resolution 0.1mm, 0.2mm
Accuracy(2mm/min) ±4%
Maximum load voltage 30VDC(pulse output)
Maximum load current 20mA(pulse output)
Output Reed switch pulses,RS485(12-24VDC supply)
Operating temperature(no freeze) -20-+80℃
Main material Collector:304SS,tipping bucket:ABS
Tipping bucket Single
Heating(optional) Heating power: approx.350W
Heating voltage:220VAC
Collector filter Removable filter (prevent leaves and sundries)optional
Weight(unpacked) 3.5kg

Working Process & Dimension

Rainfall is captured in the 200mm diameter collector funnel and is directed through a delivery pipe to fill a divided ABS injection molded tipping bucket device.The bucket is pivoted through its center and has a preset calibration to tip for 0.2 mm of rainfall. When the bucket is “full”, it pivots and empties – this action magnetically closes and opens a reed switch, sending a pulse signal to the data logger or electronic counter. Through this tipping “seesaw” action, the other side of the bucket is aligned to receive the flow from the delivery pipe. This recording and tipping cycle continues with rainfall.
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