RK400-12 Artificial Observation Rain Gauge


This rain gauge is installed outside or on the roof. When precipitation occurs, rain water accepted by the rain-bearing mouth is injected into the water bottle through the filter net. The effective volume of the water bottle is no more than 200mm of precipitation, and the minimum scale value on the bottle is 1mm of precipitation, which can be conveniently used for artificial observation of precipitation.After each precipitation, the rain-bearing port is first lifted from the outer cylinder, and then the water bottle is taken out. After observing the rainfall, water is poured out, and then the water bottle and the rain-bearing port are put into the outer cylinder in turn to be put into normal use.


  • Auto-heating function.
  • Compact size for easy use.
  • High accuracy.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Stainless steel Construction.
  • Outlet with insect-proof.


Item Specification
Rainfall Collector Diameter :φ200mm, blade Angle: 40-45°
Range >200mm
Tank capacity >7L
Resolution(minimum scale) 1mm
Operating temperature(no freeze) -20-+70℃
Main material Cylinder:304SS,tank:PC,
Weight(unpacked) 5kg


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