RK400-10 Weight Principle Evaporation Sensor


The product uses the high-precision weighing principle to measure the liquid weight in the evaporation pan, and calculates the liquid level of evaporation loss by measuring the difference of the liquid weight before and after the measurement. The evaporating dish is made with high-quality stainless steel , which has good anticorrosive and anti erosion characteristics. It ensures the measurement accuracy and can be used in conjunction with the automatic weather station or professional evaporation recorder.


  • Auto-heating function.
  • Compact size for easy use.
  • High accuracy.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Stainless steel Construction.
  • Outlet with insect-proof.


Item Specification
Evaporation pan Diameter :φ200mm
Range 0-75mm
Response time <1s
Accuracy ±1%
Power Supply 5V,12-24V
Output 4-20mA,0-2V,0-5V,RS485
Operating temperature -30-+80℃
Ingress protection IP65
Main material 304SS
Weight(unpacked) 2.5kg


product-Rika Sensors-img-4
product-Rika Sensors-img-4

Product Details

product-Rika Sensors-img-4
product-Rika Sensors-RK400-10 Weight Principle Evaporation Sensor-img-4Product Principle & Feature

product-RK400-10 Weight Principle Evaporation Sensor-Rika Sensors-img-5
product-Rika Sensors-img-5 Product Material & Multiple Output Optional


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