Wireless Column Load Cell


Applied Measurements wireless column load cell CCDDT24 is designed for general use in both laboratory environments and outside, thanks to its IP67 waterproof rating and rugged stainless steel construction.

Ideal applications include hydraulic press calibration, pile force measurement, structural proof testing, jack force measurement and centre of gravity measurement. We can also supply specific centre of gravity software.

Located within the semi-aromatic plastic wireless housing are the internal antenna and two standard AAA alkaline batteries. You can easily access the batteries by removing the telemetry housing cover while the internal electronics remain completely sealed.

The wireless compression load cell CCDDT24 is supplied with a wireless handheld display T24-HS. The T24-HS is a 2 button, 1 channel, 8 digit LCD display. The wireless range is up to 800m clear line of sight. Alternatively, we can supply a T24-BSu USB wireless base station or our wireless USB dongle T24-BSd if a more compact base station is required.

Capacities of 200te and over are supplied with welded carry handles as standard, included in the price. Optional welded carry handles are available for 50te and 100te only, if required.

Customisation is available on the wireless column load cell, including ATEX intrinsically safe versions for hazardous environments and versions for use as calibration standards.

Standard capacities for Applied Measurements wireless column load cell range from 50 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes, with higher capacity versions available on request.


  • Capacities: 0-50te up to 0-1000te
  • Supplied with Wireless Handheld Display
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Optional Loading Cap & Mounting Base
  • Wireless up to 800m Range with Handheld Display
  • Ideal for Hydraulic Press Calibration, Centre of Gravity & Pile Force Measurements
  • Immersion protected to 1 metre
  • Centre of Gravity Software Available
  • ATEX & Calibration Standard Versions Optional


Technical Specifications

Rated Load (tonne) 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000
Proof Load 150% of rated load
Ultimate Braking Load >300% of rated load
Non-Linearity <±0.25% of rated load (typically)
Non-Repeatability <±0.05% of rated load
Transmission Distance Up to 800 metres (clear line of sight)
Battery Life >300 hours (continuous use, with 1.2Ah batteries)
Battery (standard) AAA size Alkaline x2 (supplied with 1.2Ah batteries)
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +55°C
Telemetry Housing Polyamide Resin
Environmental Protection Level IP67

Product Dimension

H ØB ØD T S R Weight
50 103 50 88 M4 10 158 6.5 0.05
100 153 70 100 M5 12 150 11 0.1
200 180 78 125 M6 12 100 19 0.2
300 185 n/a 140 n/a n/a 180 21 0.5
500 250 n/a 165 n/a n/a 250 42 0.5
750 350 n/a 198 n/a n/a 350 85 1
1000 400 n/a 276 n/a n/a 400 220 1
Please note: dimensions may change for hazardous area versions.


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