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The Model 6850 Pendulum Readout is designed to make accurate measurements of the relative movements of normal and inverted pendulums, such as those found in dams, and can be installed as a new system or as an electronic upgrade for an existing system. The electronics package provides both 4-20 mA and EIA RS- 485 data outputs. The data can be stored locally, or remotely, with the 8600 Series Dataloggers, or other dataloggers, and thence by hard-wire or modem to a PC. Two 2-D models are available: 50×50 mm and 50×100 mm; and one 3-D model: 50×100×50 mm. All models are suitable for use with pendulums with a wire diameter between 1.0 mm and 9.9 mm. A Pendulum Optical Manual Readout with LED light beam, that’s secured to a wall (Model 6850-9) or mounted to a table (Model 6850-10), is also available where automated systems are not necessary, or where a manual reading back-up is required.


  • Standard Range : (2-D) X axis: 0-50 mm, Y axis: 0-50 mm
    (2-D) X axis: 0-50 mm, Y axis: 0-100 mm
    (3-D) X axis: 0-50 mm, Y axis: 0-100 mm, Z axis: 0-50 mm
    (2-D, Optical Manual) X axis: 0-50 mm, Y axis: 0-50 mm
  • Resolution : 0.01 mm
    0.1 mm (2-D, Optical Manual)
  • Accuracy : better than 0.1 mm
    0.2 mm (2-D, Optical Manual)
  • Operating Temperature : −15°C to +60°C
  • L × W × H : (2-D) 380 × 330 × 145 mm
    (2-D) 425 × 375 × 190 mm
    (3-D) 425 × 375 × 190 mm
    (2-D, Optical Manual) 356 × 356 × 100 mm


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