RK100-01B Wind Speed Sensor

Model: RK100-01B
Certification: CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, ISO9001
OEM/ODM: Available


The RK100-01B Wind Speed Sensor is opto – electronic specific to accurately &reliably measure wind velocity under the adverse environmental conditions. Digital circuits capable of strong RFI & EMI resistance and automatic temperature compensation are build-in, it outputs voltage and current signals by electromagnetic induction, the value and horizontal wind speed are linear relation. Shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy,the wind 3cup is made of 304 stainless steel, the PCB board is painted with anti-corrosion coating, featured with water proof, corrosion resisting. Inside and turning position have sealing rings with nice sealing function, stop water, salt fog and dust getting in. The RK100-01 Wind speed sensor has good performance in harsh environment.


Output Pulses 4-20mA RS485 0-2V/0-5V/0-10V
Supply voltage 5V-24VDC 12V-24VDC 12V-24VDC 12V-24VDC
Load capacity >2KΩ <500Ω(typ 250Ω) >2KΩ
Range 0-75m/s 0-75m/s 0-75m/s 0-75m/s
Accuracy 0.3m/s
Resolution 0.5m/s
Starting threshold <0.3m/s
Limit wind speed 80m/s
Ingress protection IP65
Operating temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
Weight(unpacked) 420g
Dimension Cup rotor: 220mm, Height: 175mm
Main material Cup:304stainless steel, Main Body:Aluminum alloy
Finish Polyester powder electrostatic spraying(black)
Storage condition 10℃-60℃@20%-90%RH

Dimension & Mounting


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