RK160-02 Wind Station Wind Speed & Direction Display Recorder

Model: RK160-02 Wind Station, Wind Speed & Direction Display Recorder
Certification: CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, ISO9001
OEM/ODM: Available


RK160-02 wind speed & direction display recorder is a meteorological instrument used to measure and record the wind speed and wind direction. The product adopts high-definition display the current date, time, the wind speed & wind direction value, built-in high-capacity flash memory chip which can be automatically stored for at least one-year meteorological data. The instrument can be widely used in meteorology, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, marine, airport, port, scientific research and other fields. A complete set of products including RK600-08A data logger, wind speed sensor (RK100-01/RK100-02) & wind speed sensor (RK110-01/RK110-02).


Items Wind
Range 0-45m/s 0-360°
Resolution 0.1m/s


Power supply 12VDC(adapter AC100V-AC240V )
Display 4.3” color touch screen
Response time <500mS
Storage capacity 65000 pieces of data can be stored.
Recording time interval 1min to 240 min optional
Measurement parameters 32 Max.
Power consumption <4W
Operating temperature -40℃-+70℃@5%RH~95%RH

HMI processor

Relay and alarm output Customized alarm and relay control output


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