RK120-08 Ultrasonic Wind Speed And Direction Sensor

Certification:CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, ISO9001


RK120-08Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensor’s work principle is by ultrasonic transit~time to measure the wind speed. The Anemometer has the feature of light weight, no moving parts, durability. And again, no need maintenance and on~site calibration, wind speed and direction can also output at the same time. If necessary, customers may select wind speed unit, the output frequency and output format, may also select the heating device (recommended in the cold environment) or analog output. It can connect with computers, data acquisition, or other RS485 or analog output consistent with the collection of equipment. If necessary, you can also form a network of multiple to use.Ultrasonic Anemometer is an advanced equipment of wind speed detection. Because it can overcome the inherent defects of mechanical anemometer, it can work in whole day, long time. it gets more and more widely used and is a powerful replacement of mechanical anemometer.


Item Technical Specification
Wind speed Wind direction
Range 0-60m/s 0-359°
Accuracy ±2% ±3°
Resolution 0.01m/s
Power Supply 12-24VDC(Heating must be 24VDC)
Power consumption <0.2W (Heating not activated); <48W (Heating activated)
Output Signal RS232/RS485(Modbus/NMEA-0183),4-20mA,SDI-12
Wind speed unit m/s, knots, mph, kph, ft/min
Ultrasonic output frequency 1Hz (default); 10Hz (optional)
Operating Temperature -50℃ – +70℃
Ingress Protection IP66
Heating power 40W max.
Dimension/ Weight(unpacked) Ф228*286mm/1.13kg
Main material Stainless steel + aluminum alloy

Dimension & Mounting


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