RK150-01 Crane Wind Speed Sensor and Indicator

Certification:CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS, ISO9001


The RK150-01 wind speed display controller gives a visual indication of real-time wind speed , with a  LED digital display. In its housing shell, build in a microprocessor with the function of high performance, low power consumption. The wind speed early warn value and alarm value can be set by buttons on the panel. When alarming, the signal output can be controlled by relay. RK150-01 is the companion to our RK100-01 wind speed sensor.


Items Specification
Range 0-60m/s 0-216km/h
Resolution(display) 0.1m/s 0.1km/h(<100km/h)
Accuracy(sensor) ±1m/s
Alarm response time <100mS
Type of alarm Sound and light alarm
Contact capacity 5A@30VDC
Early warning Any value within 1 m/s ~40 m/s, the early warning  value must be lower than the alarm value Any value within 1km/h ~99km/h, the early warning  value must be lower than the alarm value
Alarm Any value within 1 m/s~40 m/s Any value within 1km/h ~144km/h
Operating Temperature -30℃-+70℃
Power supply AC100-240V/DC12V/DC24V
Power consumption With wire:<3W(sensor & controller)
Wireless:sensor: 0.25W,controller: 2.5W
Ingress Protection Controller:IP54,wind speed sensor:IP65
Weight(unpacked) Controller:315g,wind speed sensor:240g
Main material Controller:ABS,wind speed sensor:Aluminum alloy & 304SS
Storage Condition 10℃-50℃@20%-90%RH

Technical Specifications


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