RK400-09 Miniature Tipping Bucket Rainfall Sensor


RK400-09 miniature tipping bucket rainfall sensor is a hydrology, meteorological instrument used to measure the nature of rainfall, and it converts the precipitation into a pulse signal output. The model can be used in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture, forestry, field monitoring stations and other industries. Combined with rainfall recorder can be used to measure precipitation, precipitation intensity, precipitation time.


  • Compact size for easy use.
  • Auto-heating function.
  • High accuracy.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Outlet with insect-proof.
  • Stainless steel Construction.


Item Specification
Collector Diameter :Φ114mm
Measured rainfall Max: 4mm/min
Allow rainfall Max: 8mm/min
Resolution 0.2mm(6.28mL)
Accuracy(2mm/min) ±4%
Output Pulses,RS485(12-24VDC supply)
Operating temperature 0-60℃@0%-100%RH

Main material

Weight(unpacked) 450g

Dimension & Mounting

product-Rika Sensors-img-5
product-Rika Sensors-RK400-09 Miniature Tipping Bucket Rainfall Sensor-img-5

Product Details


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